Braces Explained

Braces are fixed orthodontic appliances, meaning they’re bonded to your teeth and stay put throughout your treatment. They gently and steadily shift the teeth into their ideal positions and align your bite to give you a fantastic smile. We offer a variety of advanced braces options, so if you want cutting-edge braces treatment, you’re in the right place! Contact Ashley our wonderful Patient Experience Coordinator, for a free consultation.

The Braces Components

Braces get their straightening power from a system of brackets and archwires. The brackets are the pieces that are bonded to the teeth and the wires run through them and serve as a track to guide your smile into position. Some types of braces also include elastics or metal ties, known as ligatures, to hold everything in place. However, if you wear self-ligating braces, there are no ligatures and, instead, the brackets have little doors that secure the archwire.

Braces Have Gotten a Makeover

Even traditional metal braces, which still happen to be the most common type of braces, are much more comfortable and a lot less bulky than they used to be. As we noted, self-ligating braces have eliminated the need for elastics and ties in some cases. We also have aesthetic options like our clear braces that feature small, transparent, customized brackets and lingual braces, which are placed on the backside of the teeth, so they’re completely hidden from view. We’ll help you choose the type that will give you the best results and make you feel confident throughout your treatment.